Can a team’s thinking be changed in a day? The answer is yes, and a video was created from the workshop as a bonus.

This project was the culmination of a module of Implementation Engineers’ High Performance Programme (HPP). After watching a video about the power of one degree of difference between hot water and steam, a workshop for gold miners in Turkey created its own video to illustrate how going the extra mile and doing the right thing boosts teamwork, profits, and safety.” The principles and concept can be applied to any industry. From start to finish, the attendees completed the concept in one day.

YouTube video idea gathers steam for group of employees A YouTube video called “212 degrees — The Extra Degree” inspired a team of gold miners to create its own video to show how change brought positivity, prosperity, and synergy to the mountain mine site and the surrounding town in Turkey. The YouTube video focused on how a single degree in temperature from 211° to 212° can change hot water into steam, powerful enough to drive a steam engine.

What 1 Degree of Difference would you make? 

During the class, IE facilitators spent a lot of time teaching about moving from the negative into the positive, leading teams toward motivation, and getting people to focus on solutions rather than problems. Class leaders asked the question, “If you could make just one small change that would result in something changing / being different / better — what would that be?” It generated discussions around the results if everyone made just one degree of difference – hence the name 1° of Difference.

1° changes empower others to save time, take the extra step

The class was divided into teams, and each team was tasked to come up with a concept, picture, and wording.

This video touches on the spirit of making 1° changes, which include:

  • Team Spirit – Builds respect, trust, transparency, communication, fun, and productivity
  • Minute Saved – Produces more gold, which builds profits
  • Safety – Saves lives through awareness, precaution, and reporting hazards
  • Wide Angle – Encourages viewers to see the bigger picture and be receptive to new ideas, more aware, more vigilant, and become better employees to build respect with managers

Certificates, recognition ceremony celebrate video release

A video release party complete with a certification ceremony was a fun reward for this class. It was wonderfully accepted. “We had so much fun making that video, said a member of the Organizational Development team at IE.

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