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3 Steps to Drive Performance Excellence Success

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3 Steps to Drive Performance Excellence Success

Performance Excellence when implemented correctly can deliver superior results with high ROI. Since Performance Excellence is an interconnected process driven approach there are certain phases that form the core approach to implement a successful Performance Excellence initiative across the organization. Attend this insightful 30-minute webinar packed with easy-to-implement power tips from leading industry practitioners on how to drive successful Performance Excellence that supports the value stream in your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The current Performance Excellence landscape
  • How to create a leadership triad focus to drive results
  • Proven methodologies to implement Performance Excellence
  • How to bring about a behavior change across the organization
  • Three core phases to Performance Excellence implementation
  • Typical results leaders can expect to realize
  • Many other important topics…
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Our Expert Speaker

Bob Zadel
President and COO

With more than 30 years of experience in P&L performance excellence improvement, Bob Zadel has led complex, results-based implementation projects at companies around the world in a wide array of sectors, including electronics, aerospace, paper, food and beverage, mining, health care, telecom, and discrete manufacturing. Bob has guided implementation and sustainability teams in operational and organizational change improvements, and his teams have consistency exceeded the financial goals of our clients.

Bob’s commitment to client-focused implementation has created a culture at Implementation Engineers that is driven to ensure holistic solutions for its clients, which achieves stated performance objectives and moves their people and systems to a future state that we call Performance Excellence.

He has successfully started and grew three manufacturing businesses providing quick turn electronics and other manufactured components to Fortune 500 companies. He was instrumental in developing the Six Sigma approach while at Motorola and was a key leader in implementing the program throughout the Government Electronic Group.

Bob has earned a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Arizona State University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (mechanical design) from Colorado State University. The married father of three children has been a private pilot for more than 30 years.

Carl E. Marhaver
Executive Advisor

Carl works with Implementation Engineers (IE) and its prospective clients by communicating the value of IE’s expert knowledge, behavior change capabilities, and potential profitability improvements.

During his career with Exxon and Koch Industries, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Carl’s assignments included chemical process engineer, refinery and petrochemical plant leadership positions, several manager and vice president of business development assignments, M & A project leader, and senior executive for a large packaging business.

His experience in business leadership, operations excellence efforts, and business valuation/acquisitions brings a capability to IE where value gaps for clients can be identified, quantified, and explained, which allows executives to clearly see the potential ROI for improvement initiatives.

Carl holds a degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University.

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