3 Ways to Maximize Quality & Throughput in the Food Industry - Implementation

3 Ways to Maximize Quality & Throughput in the Food Industry


3 Critical Areas to Implement Lean in the Food Industry

You have probably heard the statement, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Well, in the food industry, cleanliness is a form of godliness! Probably the most crucial aspect for successful growth in the food industry is the ability to have integrity with respect to food safety and minimize parts per million contamination. Add to that an environment of slim margins, high competition, increasingly stringent regulations and skilled labor shortages, the need is greater than ever to institute a culture of continuous improvement.

Implementation Engineers has been fortunate to serve a number of clients in the food industry by implementing the fundamental principles of Lean Six Sigma in three critical areas of food manufacturing: sanitation, worker safety, and streamlined changeovers.

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