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Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Beyond Maintenance to Asset Performance Excellence

As they say – You are only as good as the system you’re working under. How do you create a program that protects your assets’ ability to provide good reliable performance over its entire life cycle?

Join one of industry’s leading experts in Asset Performance Excellence, Keith Johnson in this exclusive video series where you will learn the journey of Asset Management from Foundations of Asset Management to conducting Asset Management Assessment. Sign-up once and you get instant unlimited access to all on-demand videos.

Here are the Four videos you get:

  1. Foundations of Asset Performance Excellence
  2. Benefits of Asset Performance Excellence
  3. Life Cycle Asset Management
  4. Asset Management Assessment

After watching this library of on-demand videos, you will learn:

  • Foundation of Asset Management
  • Asset Performance Excellence results
  • Key factors that contribute to poor, unreliable performance of assets
  • Top differentiating factors of typical Maintenance Programs vs Asset Management
  • Four key lifecycle phases in Asset management
  • Current State Assessment


Our Expert Speaker

Keith Johnson
VP, Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Performance Excellence

Keith Johnson has more than 35 years of extensive experience in maintenance, reliability and asset management. As a Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP) and Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM), he … Read More

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