Working out logistics between railroad, steel company 2017

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Working out logistics between railroad, steel company 2017

Multiple delays while transporting molten metal in rail carsto a metal-processing facility was causing a steel company to lose throughput. The loss of nearly 8% of processing time per month resulted in an annualized production loss of $4.7 million.

After observing the operations and presenting initial findings, the IE team was tasked with reducing production downtime, optimizing rail-car fill weights, and reducing inbound and outbound cycle times without increasing the existing fleet size.

The IE team completed the project from the PDP (Phase 1) through Implementation Execution & Sustainability Phase (Phase 2) within 6 months. Four years after the project, the tools installed by the IE team are still in use. The client remarked that Implementation Engineers fixed something that the client team had not been able to fix for many years. The collaboration between the railroad leadership, the steel company, and the IE team broke the silence, resolved the needs of all parties, and contributed to the success and sustainability of this project.

Activities in this case study include:

  • Analysis
  • Throughput
  • Logistics

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