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Implementation Execution (IX™)

Four core services

Implementation Engineers has worked with companies and their leadership to enhance performance excellence objectives since 1963. To make that journey easier to navigate, we have created four primary IX™ Performance Excellence services. Each service meets a different performance excellence need.       

They are:

  1. Performance Excellence Operational Strategy Development
  2. Performance Excellence Project Delivery
  3. Performance Excellence Optimization Program
  4. Performance Excellence Management Service

To begin, some of our clients simply need to develop an operational strategy. We have been successfully providing this service for more than 50 years for a broad range of industries globally.

Second, we implement strategic initiatives and projects for our clients. We do this when our clients have a defined initiative or pressing operational need and lack the internal bandwidth to deliver an accelerated, sustainable result. We lead the delivery effort while integrating and leveraging internal resources as required to achieve our client’s operating goals.

Third, some of our clients desire to renew and enhance existing operational excellence capabilities. We perform a detailed gap analysis on existing capabilities and design a custom learning program, which is applied real-time, to our client’s current operational excellence annual plan.

Fourth, some of our clients wish to avoid the cost and burden of running operational excellence internally. In these cases, we provide Implementation Execution (IX™) services where Implementation Engineers manages our client’s operational excellence and continuous improvement program annually.



Performance ExcellenceOptimized. Implemented.

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