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Performance Excellence Optimization Program

Some organizations believe that they have lost the performance edge, which once existed in their operational excellence function. In these cases, we renew and enhance the existing operational excellence capabilities of an organization by benchmarking it against our performance excellence process.

Based on IE’s proprietary enCompass® implementation methodology, which represents decades of implementation learning and best practice, we assess and develop a custom Performance Excellence Optimization Program that further develops an organization’s people and capabilities. The outcome is a hands-on learning program that is integrated into an organization’s existing operational excellence activities, which results in real-time training, skills enhancement, and organizational learning on a company’s current and most pressing operational needs.

Performance Excellence Optimization & Consulting Program

The unique aspect of our custom Performance Excellence Optimization Program is that we work jointly with existing operational resources, in a learn-through-doing applied training method, to enhance skills regarding how to analyze, design, implement, and sustain critical operational projects and initiatives. The benefits of the annual operational excellence program are attained or exceeded while operational excellence renewal and enhancement happens. Ultimately, the benefits go far beyond measurable dollars because the operating culture is enhanced with a sense of purpose, urgency, and can-do attitude.

Performance ExcellenceOptimized. Implemented.

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