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Beginning in the 1990s, organizations started to build an internal operational excellence and continuous improvement capability. Many organizations formalized this capability into a new operating function. Over many years, some leaders have begun to question the actual versus expected return-on-investment for this operational excellence function. Many business leaders agree that the general operational improvement capability of organizations has diminished over the years. Visionary leaders are looking for a leading-edge solution that will once again maximize shareholder value through operational excellence.

The solution to this challenge is Implementation Engineer’s Implementation Execution (IX™) Performance Excellence. Imagine bringing the world’s best operational implementation capability to your annual operational improvement needs to achieve the results you expect. This is what you get with our IX™ Performance Excellence.

Performance Excellence Management Services

In short, we work with senior leadership on an annual basis to develop an operational strategy given the organization’s strategic intent. We then mutually identify the critical operational initiatives and projects to achieve the desired annual results. We work with senior leadership to resource these initiatives and projects beyond Implementation Engineer’s full-time resources.

Many clients view this type of operational excellence experience as a leadership development assignment for future leaders. IE develops our client’s full-time and part-time resources assigned to operational excellence using our proprietary enCompass® methods integrated with the Performance Excellence Optimization Program. The result is exceptional annual operational performance while future leaders gain invaluable operational experience.

Performance ExcellenceOptimized. Implemented.

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