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Driving Performance Excellence for Aerospace & Defense Companies

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Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are facing increased cost and delivery pressure to maintain contracts and customer relationships. A high performing supply base, effective production cost control, process lead times, and material management are essential to meet customer requirements and ensure profitable programs. Additionally, tight labor markets make it challenging for companies to scale operations to meet growing demand by simply hiring additional personnel, thus requiring operations be agile and effective. Dynamic operations and complex supply chains must be managed and regarded as a strategic organizational component and competitive element.

Implementation Engineers partners with Aerospace & Defense companies across the organization to implement critical solutions such as:

  • Effective production cost control, process lead times, and material management are essential to support customer requirements and profitable operations. Implementation Engineers deploys a systems approach to drive Performance Excellence across all operational and support functions, from engineering and development through to the manufacturing floor.
  • Implementation Engineers takes a systems approach to ensure Performance Excellence for these complex business challenges. Sourcing for Performance Excellence drives broader value-based decisions to not only ensure the supply chain effectively supports operations with materials, but also that the supplier base is aligned with and able to delivery to your manufacturing plan. We partner with clients to transform the supply chain into a competitive advantage.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

Aerospace & Defense

Implementation Engineers partners with companies to address complex business challenges and transform your Performance Excellence capability into a competitive advantage. Some of the industry challenges we solve include:

  • Supply base performance management
  • High-Performance Management Systems
  • Rapid growth execution
  • Lean facility layout
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost per unit reduction

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Aerospace & Defense

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