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Automakers, facing dynamic consumer trends and operating margin pressure, have continued to leverage traditional OpEx strategies to drive improvements, and are also more ambitiously turning towards Industry 4.0 and digital factory visualization in order to meet these challenges. To be successful, companies must not only optimize systems and processes internally, but also partner and innovate within the supply base. Digitalization for better signaling, predictive analytics, and decision making requires collaboration across the supply chain, and can result in improved and more predictable operations. Combining traditional methods such as Lean Six Sigma with this next evolution of data analytics can drive operational stability and performance improvement. Implementation Engineers works with companies to enhance Performance Excellence results, and develop the next generation of operational capabilities.

Implementation Engineers partners with Automotive companies across the organization to implement critical solutions such as:

  • Implementation Engineers works with clients to leverage Industry 4.0 and information digitalization to drive improved performance. With more predictive analytical capability, companies can make better internal decisions, improve coordination through the supply chain, and support more stable operations. We work with companies to identify the right data that truly creates value through the operation and supply chain, to capture and digitize this data, and to build the analytical capability in order to unlock this value creation.
  • Implementation Engineers partners with automotive suppliers to develop and/or enhance existing Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma expertise. Over time, internal capability can deteriorate; internal constraints and competing priorities have caused existing Continuous Improvement programs to deliver marginalized results. We work with clients to sharpen these capabilities and develop the next generation of improvement leaders to ensure internal improvement organizations are equipped and skilled to execute projects and sustain results.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

  • Supply base performance management
  • High Performance Management Systems
  • Engineering Product Development Cycle Time Reduction
  • Rapid growth execution
  • Lean Material Flow (e.g., Flow, Super Markets, Kan Bans, FIFO)
  • Cost per unit reduction
  • Lean Six Sigma / DFSS Training

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