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Aviation MRO

Global air traffic passenger demand is forecast to grow 4.7% annually through 2036. Resultantly, service providers such as MRO’s, both in-house and third party, are also experiencing growth in demand. For internal tech ops and maintenance functions, it is imperative to efficiently meet demand in order to meet required service levels. Third party MRO’s have an opportunity to capture market share by improving on-time delivery, capability and being more cost competitive. Having a robust Operational Excellence strategy and execution capability, will help drive improved performance for MRO’s to capitalize on this industry growth.

Implementation Engineers partners with MRO’s across the organization to implement critical solutions such as:

  • Implementing operational improvements that reduce turnaround time and cost. The manufacturing flow of an MRO has unique complexity as exact part and process requirements are unknown prior to teardown. Implementation Engineers uses a systems approach to develop a responsive and nimble operating model that includes the manufacturing, purchasing, and material management functions.
  • Sourcing for Performance Excellence drives broader value-based decisions to ensure supply chain effectively supports operations with materials at the right place and the right time. These value-based decisions foster partnerships with the supply base to more adequately support the often-short variable lead time requirements for parts. For MRO this means parts to final assembly when needed and without delay.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

Aviation MRO
  • Supply base performance management
  • High Performance Management Systems
  • Lean facility layout and Flow
  • Supply Chain Value Stream Optimization Part Replacement Identification to Point of use (e.g., cycle time, defect reduction)
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost per unit reduction

Our Expertise in Aviation MRO

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