Industrial Equipment & Supplies Services

Industrial Equipment & Supplies Services

The ever-increasing pressure to execute flawlessly for new production or retrofits while meeting customer quality standards is no small challenge. We are able to drive out inefficiencies and reduce delays. Our rigorous approach to planning and execution and use of data creates a sustainable improvement for the project we help you with and the next.

Who We’ve Worked With

  • ABB Asea SpA
  • Acco Babcock Inc.
  • Ace Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Acma SpA
  • Acrow Automation Ltd.
  • Acrow PLC
  • AEC Incorporated
  • Ajax Fasteners Australia Ltd. (Nylex)
  • Akron Brass Company
  • Alco Controls (Emerson Climate Technologies)
  • Alfred Herbert Ltd.
  • Allen Gears
  • Alliance Machine Systems International (J&L Industries)
  • American Fluorescent
  • Android Corporation
  • Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali
  • APT – C.E. Drayton
  • APV Baker Incorporated (APV Invensys)
  • APV Baker Ltd. (APV Invensys)
  • APV Crepaco Inc. (Invensys)
  • APV Hall Products Ltd. (APV Invensys)
  • Arnold und Stolzenberg (Renold plc)
  • Ashlow Ltd. (Siemens VAI)
  • Atlas Copco Energas GmbH
  • Automation Tooling Systems Inc. (ATS)
  • Babcock Textile Machinery
  • Babcock-BSH Inc.
  • Baker Perkins (APV Baker)
  • Baker Perkins Chemical Machinery
  • Baker Perkins Holdings Ltd.
  • Baker Perkins Pty Ltd.
  • Balcke-Dürr AG
  • Band-It Company (Idex Corp.)
  • Barber-Greene Company
  • Barodyne Inc.
  • Battenfeld Blowmolding Machines
  • BC Tools Ltd.
  • BCL Shorko Ltd.
  • Beloit Sorel Walmsley Ltd.
  • Bemrose Flexible Packaging
  • Benerson Corporation (Acquired by General Electric)
  • Bifurcated & Tubular Rivet Co. Ltd.
  • Black Brothers Co.
  • Bliss Production Machinery
  • Bliss Welded Products Ltd.
  • BOSS Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Bristol Erickson Ltd. (Forkardt)
  • Britweld Limited
  • Bullard Company
  • Butler Newall Machine Tool Ltd.
  • Buttner-Schilde-Haas (Grenzebach BSH)
  • Clark Maschinenfabrik GmbH
  • Continental Can Co., Inc. (U.S. Can Co.)
  • Conval Corporation
  • Cooper Energy Services (Cooper Compression)
  • Crabtree of Gateshead Ltd.
  • Creusot-Loire S.A.
  • Crown Windley Ltd. (Eley Metrology)
  • Cummins Power Generation (Onan Corp.)
  • David Brown Gear Industries Ltd. (Textron Inc.)
  • David Brown Sadi (David Brown)
  • Davis-Standard (Division of Crompton)
  • Davy-United Engineering
  • Dedini S.A.
  • Delapena Honing Equipment Co. (Gehring Delapena)
  • Derwent Measurement & Control Ltd.
  • Diager S.A.
  • Diecraft Australia Pty. Ltd. (Tupperware)
  • DME Company
  • DME Milacron
  • Dowty Meco Ltd. (Joy Mining)
  • Dowty Mining Equipment Ltd. (Joy Mining)
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Eimco BSP (Envirotech)
  • Elco Industries
  • Electroforms & Components Ltd.
  • Emhart Corporation (Emhart Glass/Bucher Industries)
  • Engel, Ludwig KG
  • Equipamentos Villares S.A.
  • Escher-Wyss AG (Sulzer)
  • Exact Machine Company Inc.
  • F.J. Stokes
  • Falk Corporation
  • Faun AG
  • Fielding & Platt Ltd.
  • Fisons Environmental Equipment
  • Flair Corporation (Pahwa Enterprises)
  • Galileo Vacuum Tec (Galileo Vacuum Systems)
  • Gardner Denver Company
  • Gardner Machine Company (Gardner Disc Grinders & Abrasives)
  • Gast Manufacturing Corporation
  • GEA Canzler GmbH (Buss-SMS-Canzler)
  • GEA Waermetauscher (GEA Happel Wieland)

Our Expertise in Industrial Equipment & Supplies Services

Implementation is our expertise

We are not just management strategists but actually implement the solutions tailored for your industry

We work side-by-side

We work with visionary leaders and embed our team to work side-by-side with businesses to create sustainable results

We have top-notch talent

We hire the best and the brightest talent to work alongside our clients so our team can hit the ground running on all your performance excellence initiatives

Our clients come first

We keep our clients front and center in all our work and live by the ethos of our clients come first.

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