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The Mining industry continues to be faced with volatility in commodity pricing and geopolitical uncertainty. To ensure that the business is agile and flexible enough to respond as changes occur, mining companies must have the capability to increase production, reduce costs, and improve efficiency based on market conditions. These dynamic objectives are accomplished through a responsive Performance Excellence program, which is a critical element of an overall business strategy.

Implementation Engineers partners with Mining companies across the organization to implement critical solutions such as:

  • Improved design, planning, mining and ore processing systems and methods to improve throughput and reduce unit cost.
  • Visual management systems including KPI identification, electronic data visualization, management structure and creating necessary behaviors to support a high-performance organization. These systems enable day-to-day variance management and process control and support ongoing continuous improvement.
  • Asset Performance Excellence systems to improve asset reliability in both mobile equipment and the plant. Implementation Engineers works with mining companies to improve asset management strategies and execution by deploying a holistic methodology that includes elements such as operator practices, maintenance planning and execution, and organizational leadership effectiveness.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

  • Requisite Organization Development
  • Asset Performance Excellence (Core Maintenance and Reliability Systems)
  • High Performance Management Systems
  • Exploration Improvement (i.e., Drilled Meters per day)
  • Engineering Short and Long Term Compliance and Execution to Plan
  • Capacity/quality Increase in Mine and Processing Plant
  • Recovery improvement
  • Cost per ton reduction

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