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Driving Performance Excellence for Packaging and Pulp & Paper Companies

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Evolving eCommerce and consumer trends are driving demand shifts in both the Packaging and Pulp & Paper industries, and requiring these companies to be responsive in manufacturing in order to meet the changes in product mix and demand. Additionally, these manufacturers have historically operated on thin margins, and small variations in uptime, yield, or labor efficiency can result in large swings in profitability. Managing production and labor costs and driving OEE improvements are an important part of running these businesses. More recently, automation and digitization of information are creating more systemic ways of reducing costs and improving decision making. Combining traditional methods such as Lean Six Sigma with this next evolution of digital transformation can drive the next level of performance improvement.

Implementation Engineers partners with Packaging and Pulp & Paper companies across the organization to implement critical solutions, such as:

  • Asset Performance Excellence is a systems approach to improving asset reliability, resulting in improved equipment uptime and unit cost reduction. Implementation Engineers works with metals companies to improve asset management strategies and execution by deploying a holistic methodology that includes elements such as operator practices, maintenance planning and execution, and organizational leadership effectiveness.
  • Implementation Engineers works with clients to leverage Industry 4.0 and information digitization to drive improved performance. With more predictive analytical capability, companies can make better internal decisions, improve coordination through the supply chain, and support more stable operations. We work with companies to identify the right data that truly creates value through the operation and supply chain, to capture and digitize this data, and to build the analytical capability in order to unlock this value creation.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

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Implementation Engineers partners with companies to address complex business challenges and transform your Performance Excellence capability into a competitive advantage. Some of the industry challenges we solve include:

  • Asset Performance Excellence (Core Maintenance and Reliability Systems)
  • High Performance Management Systems
  • Paper Quality and Yield Loss
  • 5S Implementation
  • Throughput Increase
  • Control Systems Optimization and Logic

A Few Companies We've Partnered With

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Our Expertise in Packaging and Pulp & Paper

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