Packaging Equipment Services

Packaging Equipment Services

Packaging manufacturing is a made-to-order business utilizing many specialized machines to cut, print, fold, palletize and ship orders. Overall Operating Efficiency (OEE) can be negatively impacted by unplanned breakdowns, planned maintenance, changeover outages, poor quality, not running machines at full speed, raw material quality, color/printing problems, and logistics problems. In many cases, OEE can be well under 60%. This means that at least 20% of all of the installed equipment and fixed costs are wasted with no product or resulting profit to show for it.

Implementation Engineers’ EnCompass process can install a high performance management system. We work with your culture, programs and vocabulary with daily continuous coaching be experts to systematically install procedures and practices that will drive lasting improvement.

Who We’ve Worked With

  • Amcor Sunclipse
  • Butler Automatic, Inc.
  • Dayton Reliable Tool & Manufacturing
  • Rose Forgrove Ltd.
  • Stork-Bepak
  • Trustpak Machinery Ltd.

Our Expertise in Packaging Equipment Services

Implementation is our expertise

We are not just management strategists but actually implement the solutions tailored for your industry

We work side-by-side

We work with visionary leaders and embed our team to work side-by-side with businesses to create sustainable results

We have top-notch talent

We hire the best and the brightest talent to work alongside our clients so our team can hit the ground running on all your performance excellence initiatives

Our clients come first

We keep our clients front and center in all our work and live by the ethos of our clients come first.

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