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Private Equity

Implementation Engineers partners with Private Equity firms and portfolio companies to create sustainable value through operational improvements. With M&A transaction volume at near record high, firms are under pressure and competition to unlock value through aggressive repositioning, improvement and turnaround campaigns. Creating sustainable value that preserves and/or grows the portfolio company’s capability set and more readily captures this value at exit is a superior strategy. Implementation Engineers works with PE funds, Operating Partners, and portfolio companies to deliver EBITDA and cash flow improvement while ensuring the right capability set exists at exit.

Implementation Engineers partners with Private Equity firms across the organization to implement critical solutions such as:

  • Implementation Engineers provides rapid Operational Due Diligence in order to assess current state operations and value creation potential. A key component of diligence and risk mitigation, operations can unlock value from both cost reduction and improved capability and market competitiveness. Our due diligence develops and/or validates operational potential assumptions, and provides a granular roadmap for achievement.
  • Implementation Engineers works across the value stream to identify efficiency and productivity improvements that enable sustainable cost reduction. This includes Lean manufacturing, supplier negotiations, and SG&A and support function productivity for potential cost out value creation initiatives. For our private equity clients, this means improved operations, minimal disruption and EBITDA improvements.

Dynamic Solutions Address Industry Challenges

Private Equity

Implementation Engineers partners with companies to address complex business challenges and transform your Performance Excellence capability into a competitive advantage. Some of the industry challenges we solve include:

  • Operational due dilligence
  • Procurement and sourcing for performance excellence
  • Cost control or reduction
  • Revenue enhancement through production capability increase

Our Expertise in Private Equity

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