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Leadership and team development program for all levels of an organization using high performance tools and techniques.

The HPP (High Performance Program) consists of a series of 1-day long workshops where teams are actively coached whilst engaging in action learning. Typically, these workshops are conducted once a month, with several teams participating at the same time. Diverse levels of employees as well as cross-functional participation is encouraged to break down silos and create a new communication order. Delegates explore new tools and techniques to ensure better alignment, accountability, thinking and proactivity when working on daily jobs, weekly tasks, or longer-term projects. The larger the percentage of participation across the organization, the better the effect, since a common working language and methodology is understood by all. This program can be bolstered by using one-on-one coaching after each workshop to internalize the learning and transform the organization’s communication style.

Our expertise is in ensuring a positive environment where teams can freely negotiate new working practices, learn more about each other and themselves, and exit the program having a toolkit that will enable them to build their own teams, assign work effectively, and manage goal achievement. Effective organizations need effective communication to reduce costs, explore waste minimization, prevent accidents, and build thinking teams that can achieve the required implementation of new practices.

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