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We partner with companies to develop optimal asset, facility and network strategy

 Implementation Engineers’ Asset Modernization framework is a comprehensive methodology linking together a company’s asset, facility and network strategies.  The framework is organized as a series of layers, beginning at bottom with the most broad network-based alternatives a firm faces, and progresses to facility-specific asset elements.  In executing this work, we provide greater assurance by pressure-testing and validating key inputs, assumptions, and objectives that reduce risk and ensure all decision criteria are considered before implementing future-state asset strategy.

We leverage this framework to partner with our clients to develop and implement solutions on key operational strategy questions.

  • How many facilities will we use to deliver our goods to the market?  Where will they be located?
  • What is the optimal facility layout for a given manufacturing or warehouse location?
  • How does our vision for supply-side and demand-side partnerships impact our material requirements?
  • Will our network needs change over time based on forecasted demand?
  • How do the capacity and process requirements from each facility align with our capabilities?  What is our ramp-up/ramp-down potential?
  • Are processes or products good candidates for automation?  What types of automation solutions may offer the greatest return-on-investment?

Our Asset Modernization project work enables our clients to compete in increasingly competitive markets with well-developed and executed asset strategy.


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