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Industry 4.0

We work with clients to develop sustainable industry competitiveness and advantage through Industry 4.0

Companies need a pragmatic approach to leverage Industry 4.0 (i4.0) trends and capabilities to successfully compete in tomorrow’s industry. While some sectors have more widely adopted i3.0 methods, like advanced automation, most companies competing outside those sectors have yet to realize much of this potential technology-enabled value creation. i4.0 is a transformational journey that must be built upon a solid foundation of data availability and management, be it from IIoT sensors, PLCs, or an ERP system, and leveraged toward the future of connected facilities. We work with companies to transform operations from the current state to i4.0 in a pragmatic and phased approach.

We work with leaders to prepare and progress the organization toward i4.0

i4.0 is a large and often ambiguous aspiration. We work with companies to both build a data foundation, and identify and implement specific points of i4.0-enabled value creation.

To realize benefits of i4.0, companies must progress along the maturity curve (pictured left) with a well-developed transformation roadmap, and directly connect these integrated initiatives to operational and financial impacts.

Transformation along this curve includes several key transitional elements:

  • Clearly defined data integrity & structure and IT systems architecture
  • Integrated analytical process and data foundation
  • Enhanced employee analytical capability
  • Organizational culture of data-driven inquiry and decision making
  • Adoption of leading-edge technologies on both project and enterprise scale
Implementation Engineers partners with companies to determine how to progress along the i4.0 maturity curve, to execute i4.0 strategy, and to create sustainable industry competitiveness and advantage.

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Learn how People and Organizational Culture are a foundational element to transformation along the Enterprise i4.0 Maturity Curve


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