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We Build Quality Management Systems to Sustain your Value Stream

Quality is everyone’s job – we have all heard it, talked about it, and even developed operational strategy and processes to support it. At Implementation Engineers, we implement it.

Quality is more than a series of singular events that meet customer’s expectations. It’s the result of strongly interconnected design, manufacturing, and people systems that work together to ensure excellence is ingrained throughout the value stream.

In Engineering and Product Development, capturing the design intent around what is required and what delights a customer is the first step. Converting that intent into a functional design that is capable, robust, and manufacturable requires input and cooperation from all departments and stakeholders. Clearly defining Critical to Quality (CTQ) characteristics and related specifications allow suppliers and internal operations to estimate their process and product capabilities, build affordability models, and incorporate these results into design decisions.

Quality Management Consulting Company

To remain competitive in any industry, process capability and cost variance must be continuously understood and improved throughout Supply Chain and Operations. Focus must remain on customer CTQs while creating the most efficient and capable processes to meet those specifications. Too often, continuous improvement efforts target the wrong thing, which results in little or no impact to the customer experience. Diagnosing quality issues that are based on data and facts is among Implementation Engineers’ expertise. Establishing true root causes of issues through relentless analytical and statistical means is key in any successful quality improvement. The focal point must be on improved capability rather than mass inspection and test.

Human Capital Development  is key to sustaining a quality culture. Throughout our engagements, we coach client team members during all aspects of implementation execution. In addition, we identify formal training requirements and co-design training plans to safeguard knowledge transfer.

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