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Driving Performance Excellence initiatives within an organization requires people change their behavior. Not an easy task. Implementation Engineers has a proven process, evolved over decades, across thousands of projects - to help make new changes stick. We work side-by-side with businesses to design solutions tailored to the organization's needs and deliver unprecedented results with a lasting impact.

Design your program

Our Program Design Phase (PDP) is a data-driven discovery process to identify your biggest pains- and convert them to your biggest gains. You’ll have a clear understanding and a detailed project road map to optimize your operations. This is also where we’ll develop your optimization strategies.

Listen and learn

We’ll understand your people and current capabilities. This includes: Sharing your new vision- from the boardroom to the shop floor. Learn from past initiatives- what worked, what didn’t and why. Identify the biggest pains and their root causes.

Develop a plan

Next, we’ll develop your road map to achieve your desired future state. Create your project charter, determine your expected ROI and develop metrics to measure progress. Identify methodologies, teams, roles, skills and tools for everyone to get clear. Enumerate risks and a plan to mitigate them. And, develop schedules, time lines and milestones to set and manage expectations.

Implement your program

With your new clarity and tangible road map, time to roll up our implementation-sleeves. We bring a structured approach, using the enCompass® model, to manage the complexities and execution of a major change.

Project kick-off

Kick off your project based on your PDP road map. We’ll review your new insights, including vision and next steps. Create common understanding and alignment for people to work together. Introduce project methodologies. Form project teams. Show how the project will be measured. And, identify things to improve near, medium and long-term- using an iterative approach.

Project in-progress

Set up tools to monitor and measure project results. Capture requirements to flush out the details. Work with stakeholders to develop future state. We’ll be right there to coach workers on the shop floor to move forward, according to a common vision. Host Kaizen events to continuously improve. Identify new ways to reduce waste and rework, and teach new skills to better recognize and solve problems as they happen.

Complete your project

We’ll tidy it all up. Complete all documentation and train any trainers and coaches- to continue your success. We’ll work with you to develop actions for you to sustain your new culture of continuous improvement.

Performance ExcellenceOptimized. Implemented.

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