I’ve had the opportunity to work with members of the Implementation Engineers team through four different projects. Each of them are technically strong, driven to achieve results, professional in how they go about their work, and open and honest in sharing where the organizational opportunities and roadblocks are located. If the need arises again for continuous improvement support, I would not hesitate to contact Implementation Engineers again.

– Les Smith, General Manager, Haynes International

Implementation Engineers was able to work well with our resources and organize them. They led us through transformational breakthrough projects that exceeded our expectations. We felt we were asking for a lot with 50% reduction targets for scrap and 25+% efficiency gains. Implementation Engineers achieved results on every project and their focus on client transformation ensured our team developed the culture to continue the operational excellence practices. Several projects continued to improve post completion by continuing new methods as a way of life.

Implementation Engineers also spent significant time teaching and mentoring our team members. They left a lasting positive impact on all of us. The Implementation Engineers team have World Class Senior Six Sigma Leader and other top talent.

– Troy LaCrone, Vice-President, Frick’s Meats

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