5 ways IE improves companies, processes, people

Every company needs a little tweak in its operations now and then. Whether it’s an update in the processes, a rejuvenation of skills, or becoming flexible to respond to changing demands in the market. Many times, business leaders need to squeeze out more profits with little money to invest. All of these can be difficult in any industry.

Here are some ways where Implementation Engineers can help.

  1. Meeting profit expectations or goals

In the following Operational Excellence case study, a producer of iron ore pellets experienced a $65 million shortfall. Three months into a new Improvement Operating System, the plant turned the corner in seven areas. Production recovered from a $7.5 million deficit and trended to be on track for the year, energy spending improved by $500,000 per month, and safety accidents improved by 20%. Read about it:

Operational Excellence in Mining

  1. Improving the supply chain while reducing costs

One of the world’s largest oil companies had more than $1 billion in inventory that was turning very slowly — at fewer than two turns a year. At the same time, the cost of the supply chain organization had increased significantly. The organization supported materials for its oil operations and infrastructure, including a company town. Learn how Implementation Engineers created a $40 million reduction in annual supply chain costs:

Supply Chain Management in the Oil Industry

  1. Maintaining equipment on a budget

Anticipating equipment failures and preventing them from happening by leveraging predictive and preventative maintenance practices is among IE’s specialties. In this case study, the challenge to the maintenance managers of a machine-tool manufacturer was to keep all its hardware operational while at the same time minimizing the cost of doing so.

Find out what happened:

Predictive and preventive maintenance strategies

  1. Challenging tradition, creating motivation, communicating

After losing $1 billion dollars in three years, an organization that once dominated the heavy vehicles industry found itself coming up short against its global competitors. The company responded with a goal of total transformation to become world’s lowest cost and highest quality producer. Implementation Engineers developed a plan to get the organization aligned to the vision and the work ahead of them. Read what happened:

Cultural Alignment and Change Turns Plant Around

  1. Upgrading skills or processes

A manufacturer of heavy machine tools needed machine tool operators who were highly skilled since nearly every part they manufacture is unique. The work was demanding in quality levels and tolerances. Increased demand for product and attrition in the ranks of skilled machine operators caused the client to hire a considerable number of new operators. Implementation Engineers developed and executed a training program to improve the skilled machine-tool operators.

Read more:

Operator-training programs hone skills

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