Every industry benefits from IE’s custom approach

Custom solutions.  Versatility.  Innovation. Sustainable results. Capability in every industry.

These are the qualities that every asset-optimization company should bring to the table for every engagement.

Implementation Engineers has been toeing that bar and going Beyond ConsultingSM for more than 50 years. The best part is that each IE team member has the ability to create sustainable solutions for every client in EVERY industry.

How can that be? Mining, food, manufacturing, energy, and every other industry are not the same.

Improving processes and profits are at the heart of every company decision in any industry. While all industries create vastly different products, issues with processes and the need to improve profit are among the biggest reasons why companies seek help from outside firms.

Implementation Engineers uses its proven, data-driven implementation methodology called enCompass®. The two-phase methodology is customized to every client. Companies worldwide have realized better profits, a happier and more productive workforce, and initiatives that are sustainable and really do work. It’s not a one-size-fits-all umbrella approach, but a tailored solution designed specifically for your company. enCompass® is nimble and can also be modified as the initiative progresses, and goals are met. There are no hidden agendas or activities and no mumbo jumbo or double speak. It’s all transparent. You and your company leadership guide, learn, and participate in the whole process.

enCompass® is divided into 2 phases

The Programme Design Phase (PDP) or Phase 1

It’s the stage where we observe your functions and processes, shadow your people, and really get an idea of how your company is working or not working.

Implementation Execution & Sustainability Phase or Phase 2

Here’s where the action begins. Using the results of the PDP, we create a road map for your entire initiative. It’s the game plan to a successful endeavor. The best part is that you and your leadership team play a valuable role and also learn real techniques, insight, and new methods. That’s the part that makes your initiative sustainable. That’s the secret to a sustainable result.

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