When Implementation Engineers team members arrive for an initial visit, we learn more about your company, find out leadership’s goals, and what issues are hindering progress or preventing profits. We observe operations, practices, methods, and let the data do the talking. We observe and, more importantly, we listen. In the end, we see what’s ticking or not ticking. We identify the gaps that need to be closed to attain the desired results.

This phase is called the Programme Design Phase or PDP. Traditional management consultants call this part an analysis. Since Implementation Engineers is focused on implementation and creating sustainable results, the PDP is very important. It exposes where improvements can be made. It’s Phase 1 of enCompass®, our proven, data-driven implementation methodology and is based on rigorous industrial research using valid and reliable techniques. It’s rational and granular in its ability to identify improvement opportunities.

Within the PDP, are two gears – Implementation Engineering and Implementation Planning & Readiness. The gears’ purpose is outlined below.

Implementation Engineering

Implementation Engineering plans the initiative’s journey, so it will be fast, efficient, and completed in a timely manner. This gear joins the organizational (people) solution with the operational (activity and assets) solution to create the foundation for sustainable initiative results.

There are two independent components, which run concurrently, to our Implementation Engineering approach:

Organizational Engineering and Operational Engineering.

  • Organizational Engineering ensures that the people part of the implementation equation is fully understood prior to the initiative’s launch.
  • Operational Engineering identifies what needs to change to accomplish the intended future state from an operations perspective.

Our teams also request history and data from the client about the organizational and operations areas, and it is analyzed to reveal the core areas of opportunity. Projects are identified, and priorities established based on impact to the business, resource requirements, and the associated financial benefits. The main deliverable is an Implementation Project Design that is comprehensive and aligns each level of the organization to the gaps that need to be improved to enable success.

Implementation Planning & Readiness

Once the organizational and operational solutions have been identified, focus turns to planning and organizational readiness.

This work deals with communicating the high-level implementation design, including such things as the improvement operating system, work streams, project schedules, rollout design, metrics, skills development, organizational development, and behavior modification.

This stage is critical to understand how the initiative will impact people in the organization. Sessions are designed to begin the alignment and feedback process to communicate the required changes. Training programs are tailored to teach skills that may be needed for the new tasks.

It helps employees learn and understand the initiative, and it becomes the foundation from where resistance is identified and proactively managed throughout the implementation.

Through these steps, Implementation Engineers creates a custom implementation design targeted to specific improvements that optimize value. It’s backed by numbers and fact. We don’t estimate or approximate. What we propose is real and your people will agree.

Implementation Engineers has implemented various components of enCompass® in more than 3,500 engagements at more than 1,500 organizations globally. We take pride in our ability to enter complex situations anywhere in the world and consistently deliver benefits for our clients. Through enCompass®, companies in nearly all industries worldwide have realized better profits, a happier and more productive workforce, and initiatives that are sustainable and really work.

We are a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results. That is our goal for the companies who use Implementation Engineers.

Learn more about enCompass®, visit www.implementation.com or call +1 312 474 6184

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