Implementation Engineers has been around since 1963.

Yep, that’s a long time to be in business. In all that time, we’ve collected all kinds of experience in all kinds of industries, all over the world. We’ve learned from our successes and our mistakes. Our methods and designs have developed out of 54 years of experience.

Remember our mantra? We are a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results. That is our goal for the companies who use Implementation Engineers.

IE’s roots are based in manufacturing. Our firm was originally established as a subsidiary to the Ingersoll Machine Milling Company to support the installation of Ingersoll’s large machines in client companies.

We’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve improved along the way.

Implementation Engineers’ experience, together with our research and thought leadership, puts us at the forefront for operational excellence for the global business-optimization industry. Our team members are quite experienced in Toyota Production System, World-Class Manufacturing, Re-engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Change Management, Value Stream Mapping, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma.

Our firm has implemented various components of enCompass® in more than 3,500 engagements at more than 1,500 organizations globally. We take pride in our ability to enter complex situations anywhere in the world and consistently deliver benefits for our clients. Our approach is uniquely data-driven. The results, jointly achieved with our clients, are measurable, visible — and most importantly — sustainable.

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