For more than 55 years, Implementation Engineers’ methods and designs have helped businesses improve throughput, processes, supply chains, and more to get more value from their efforts. That experience has worked many other industries, including in Aerospace, Metals, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Energy, Government, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Paper & Paper Products, and Packaging, just to name a few.

Business needs are changing and to help companies improve performance and the bottom line, Implementation Engineers has added four implementation services to its offerings. They are:

Operational Strategy Development

Implementation Engineers assists clients to develop operational strategies to optimize their operations on a global basis. The scope of our operational strategy work includes manufacturing optimization, asset footprints, facility design, maintenance, asset optimization, cost reduction, supply chain optimization, logistics and network optimization, organizational development strategies, and operational excellence training and skilling strategies.

Sustainable Implementation

IE designs and implements sustainable solutions to optimize operational performance per the clients’ operational strategy. We work with leaders who know what they need to do yet see gaps in their organization’s ability to do it. The scope can be broad across a company or narrow across a specific function or operation. Our design process, called Implementation Engineering, is unique because it analyzes both operational and organizational performance to determine improvement opportunities. Further, IE’s design and implementation process is data-driven to identify the critical few opportunities that drive performance enhancement in the shortest time. Lastly, IE’s implementation solutions are designed and implemented with sustainability in mind, which demands the integration of people solutions with process and technical solutions. The result is exceptional implementation efficiency that achieves and sustains optimal results.

Sustainable Implementation Program (SIP)

We renew and enhance the existing operational excellence capabilities of an organization by applying our Sustainable Implementation process. Based on IE’s proprietary enCompass® implementation methodology, which represents decades of implementation learnings and best practice, we assess and develop a custom Sustainable Implementation Program that further evolves an organization’s people and capabilities. IE’s SIP service offering is a hands-on learning program that is integrated into an organization’s existing operational excellence activities resulting in real-time training, skills enhancement and organizational learning on a company’s current and most pressing operational needs. The unique aspect of our custom Sustainable Implementation Program is that we work jointly with existing operational resources, in a learn-through-doing applied training method, to enhance skills regarding how to analyze, design, implement and sustain critical operational projects and initiatives.

Operational Excellence Outsourcing

For organizations that choose not to invest in operational excellence functions, IE offers an Operational Excellence Management service. In short, we work with senior leadership on an annual basis, to develop an operational strategy given the organization’s strategic intent. We analyze and design the critical operational initiatives and projects to achieve desired annual results. We work with the leadership to resource these initiatives and projects beyond IE’s full-time resources. Many clients integrate this type of operational excellence experience as a leadership development assignment for future leaders. IE develops both full-time and part-time resources assigned to operational excellence using our proprietary enCompass® methods integrated with IE’s Sustainable Implementation Program. The result is exceptional annual operational performance while future leaders gain invaluable operational experience.

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About Implementation Engineers

Implementation Engineers’ services utilize enCompass®, our proven, data-driven, proprietary implementation methodology. enCompass® represents more than five decades of implementation research and knowledge that enables our clients to rapidly renew and enhance operational excellence activities across the organization. Our clients tell us that when we work jointly with them we are able to achieve results unattainable before. This is because we are implementation people that go far beyond what management consulting firms do – Beyond ConsultingSM.

Implementation Engineers is a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results. We differentiate our services by being solely focused on implementation.

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