In a nutshell, Implementation Engineers is a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results that are sustainable. That is our mission and our goal for the companies who use Implementation Engineers.

Behind the scenes, well, that is an even better story.

Implementation Engineers uses enCompass®, a proven, data-driven implementation methodology. We created it from our 54 years of experience optimizing other businesses. enCompass® is the road map that guides all of our client’s projects. There are no hidden agendas or activities and no mumbo jumbo or double speak. It’s all transparent. You and your company leadership guide, learn, and participate in the whole process.

enCompass® is a two-phase process.

We get started with The Programme Design Phase (PDP) or Phase 1 where we observe your functions and processes, shadow your people, and really get an idea of how your company is working or not working.

Next is the best part, the Implementation Execution & Sustainability Phase or Phase 2. Here’s where the action begins. Using the results of the PDP, we create a tailored plan for your entire initiative. It’s the road map to a successful endeavor. The best part is that you and your leadership team play a role and learn actual techniques, insight, and new methods. It’s the part that makes your initiative sustainable. It’s the secret to a sustainable result.

In Phase 2, the Implementation Engineers team works alongside your people and your leadership to resolve and abolish problems. We help your teams to identify issues and correct them before they become a real problem. Areas that are targeted include:

  • Improvement Operating System – a structured framework that overcomes barriers to implementation
  • Work Stream – New procedures, processes, skills, and behaviors
  • Performance Analytix® –  Tracks real-time, visual Key Performance Indicators
  • Behaviour Change – Targets company culture
  • Organizational Development – Strengthens leaders, reinforces new skills
  • Training & Skills Development

One of the best outcomes of Implementation Engineers and its enCompass® methodology is we almost always find the income to finance our services from your initiative. We are able to find and reduce costs, which cover our fees early in Phase 2.

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