Many of our clients have been disappointed by other consulting firms and their people. It’s not that those consultants performed badly. Some of the pinch points are that the goal was never attained or it fell apart as soon as that outside firm left.

After more than 50 years and a foundation in manufacturing, Implementation Engineers discovered that implementation is the key. Implementation propels this company Beyond ConsultingSM. Implementation puts clients’ goals in action and keeps them in action long after our teams have moved on. That’s called sustainability, and it’s the end goal of all Implementation Engineers’ teams.

One example of our implementation work involves a refining, chemical, and biofuels company that had a major issue with poor performance in the shutdown and major turnaround schedules of one of its large chemical processing plants. The shutdown and turnaround planning and execution processes were deficient, which led to consistent overruns in planned down-time. Planned shutdowns on average took 134% longer than anticipated to resume production. This under performance resulted in $15.7 million in lost variable margin.

We performed many activities, including finding the reasons for overruns, and evaluating policies and systems, and bench marked them against the industry’s best practices. We boosted skill levels and organization structure to support improvements; and made recommendations for processes, systems, skills development, and management systems.

In the end, IE introduced new processes, systems, tools, and training. Oh, and our teams found even more savings to the tune of $9.8 million in additional margin.

To read the details of this case study, go to Shutdown and Turnaround Process Optimization Bio Fuels

Implementation Engineers is a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results.

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