We’re sure you’ve heard that joke about consultants: “A consultant is someone who comes in to solve a problem and stays around long enough to become part of it.” Not with Implementation Engineers. You see, we’re not a traditional management consulting firm. Here’s what makes us tick:

  1. Implementation Engineers’ team members are doers. IE staffers like to get their hands dirty. Our teams work side-by-side with your team to get to know your people and use data-driven problem solving to implement sustainable solutions.
    Why is this important? We lead by example using a structured, disciplined implementation process that involves and gains the trust of your people.
  2. Implementation Engineers evolved from manufacturing. Our firm was originally established as an operations optimization subsidiary to the Ingersoll Machine Milling Company to support the installation of Ingersoll’s large machines in client companies.
    Why is this important? Operations is in our DNA allowing us to bring a unique perspective both operationally and organizationally to solve problems.
  3. Every Implementation Engineers’ team member is a leader in his or her field or industry, and the majority are engineers.
    Why is this important? IE team members bring unique insight and experience to each project because we have seen it and done it before in different environments.
  4. We are the only firm solely focused on implementation. We design and implement solutions – it’s all we do.
    Why is this important? Many management consulting firms claim they implement when their real specialty is providing strategic advice. In the end, when results are the goal, Implementation Engineers is uniquely qualified to deliver.
  5. We created enCompass® as an implementation framework that is customized and applied for all of our projects. We use a consistent, disciplined, and structured approach in all the work we do.
    Why is this important?There are no hidden agendas or activities and no mumbo jumbo or double speak. It’s all transparent. You and your company leadership guide, learn, and participate in all we do together.

Want to learn more? Visit www.implementation.com or call +1 (312) 474-6184.
We would love to discuss how enCompass® and Performance Analytix® helps organizations improve.

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