Engineering and product development is where innovative ideas begin. Implementing the ideas becomes more of a challenge. With rapid advancements in technology and high standards of the current business climate, engineering professionals are facing compression more than ever. This means they are squeezed in terms of time and money to get a product to market. This blog discusses how communication helps manufacturing companies handle compression.

Engineering and product development is on the front end of the whole manufacturing process. The development team must thoroughly understand the voice of the customer so engineers come up with the effective, efficient designs to maximize speed to market and customer performance. One challenge facing most engineers today is compression. Product design engineers are more and more constrained which means they have less time and less budget to produce a more technologically-advanced product.

When Implementation Engineers helps companies improve their design cycle, initially, many client engineers and designers have good ideas about how to improve manufacturing. However, part of the challenge is getting data back to the source and feeding key learnings back into the group. Communication spanning cross functional teams is vital to perfecting engineering innovations.

With a higher volume of programs, companies want to design for manufacturability with representation and coordination across groups so that the manufacturing folks, who have a lot of good ideas, additionally are heard. Many times, all the teams aren’t properly integrated within initial phases of product design. This takes communicating with the engineering and product development across channels.

Compression Challenges in Product Development

Compression is the amount of time it takes to design a new product. With compression, companies have rapid changes that require them to be more flexible and effective in the engineering processes. With more compression, companies want to make the right changes at the right time as quickly as possible.

Compression creates challenges. Companies must:

  • Handle coordination across groups
  • Increase visibility with the digital dashboard
  • Understand why they have engineering changes
  • Determine which changes they can bundle together to implement the change

The key is to coordinate all the efforts so that any change provides minimal disruption to the full supply chain and value stream. Making that process as seamless as possible is extremely important.

Implementation Engineers uses Performance Excellence strategies and tools like Lean, DFSS and Six Sigma to increase coordination across groups and implement behavioral changes. How does your manufacturing company handle communication and face the challenges of compression? We’d like to hear from you.

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