We partner with companies to develop asset footprint strategies and facility layout plans

Exogenous factors such as industry trends and market demand force companies to frequently revisit strategic and operating plans.  A company’s operating strategy and asset footprint must be responsive and flexible in order to support these dynamic corporate and performance objectives. Implementation Engineers works with clients to determine optimal asset and facility footprints.  Additionally, we provide greater assurance by pressure-testing and validating key inputs, assumptions and objectives that reduce risk and ensure all decision criteria are considered before implementing future-state asset strategy.

Asset footprint strategy involves critical decisions that impact a company for many years:

  • Make versus buy
  • Onshore versus off-shore
  • Capacity planning
  • Technology roadmap
  • Asset consolidation
  • Product groups / families, value streams
  • Facility layout (i.e., Operational Engineering)
  • Human capital / organizational strategy (i.e., Organizational Engineering)
  • Sourcing strategy (i.e., Value-based sourcing)

Implementation Engineers also regularly engages with clients to develop and implement plans for asset relocations, consolidations, and expansions.  This may involve a change to a single line, or more broadly entire facilities.  We develop and/or validate objectives and assumptions, develop layouts to leverage lean principles and tools, and optimize manufacturing and facility flow.  We enable our clients to compete in increasingly competitive markets with well developed and executed asset strategy.

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