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To remain competitive, companies are under intense pressure to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. Future winners will be those that react quickly, are flexible, and can maximize their full potential. Today, most companies have established continuous improvement programs that improve quality and reduce cost. However, the rate at which these programs realize future potential is often not sufficient to deliver the necessary business results.

At Implementation Engineers, efficiently improving operations is at the core of our business. From global capacity rationalization and demand planning to optimizing flow through a manufacturing cell, our enCompass® methodology ensures results are achieved. enCompass® incorporates the principles of Lean Systems Thinking and Six Sigma variance control, while building a High-Performance Workforce  that understands how to effectively manage the value stream.

A key to Value Stream Management is understanding the current state and identifying future state opportunities that are aligned with operational strategy. A current state assessment involves taking a critical, data-driven look at the entire value creation process from engineering and product design to customer delivery.

Through the enCompass®model, our teams work with senior leaders to create a robust roadmap to systematically improve operations internally with the primary goal of reducing waste and minimizing variation. Our process ensures the elements of your strategy are met while maximizing productivity and improving your competitiveness.




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