Have you ever had an initiative fail to achieve its intended results?

If that has happened to you, then you’ve experienced poor implementation. There may be a litany of reasons why initiatives fail, and they all fall in the category of poor implementation. Good ideas, good intentions, and good mobilization to make things happen, and then somewhere on the journey the wheels start to come off. The result is that objectives are not achieved and competitive improvements are missed.

You aren’t alone in the implementation struggle – more than 70% of change initiatives fail to achieve expected results according to author and change management guru John Kotter. Many companies and their leadership teams face the same trials and learnings when trying to achieve improvements. The implementation was the failure, not management or the employees or even the idea.

With IE, it is different – Implementation is our specialty. We understand and avoid the pitfalls of implementation and design initiatives. Implementation Engineers is the only firm solely focused on implementation – it’s all we do.

What is Implementation?

“The process of putting a decision or plan into effect; execution” is the definition from online version of the Oxford dictionary or http://en.oxforddictionaries.com

This is the most accurate description of what Implementation Engineers does. We execute jointly with your organization to achieve sustainable results. Implementation Engineers understands your issues, designs integrated solutions, and puts the solutions into action. Implementation Engineers has a reputation for doing things that companies are unable to do on their own.

Should implementation success be defined by sustainable results?

In our world, Implementation and Sustainable Results go hand in hand. This is the way we look at our work. We measure our success years after our work is completed based on whether benefits have been sustained. Sustainable Results is not always the measure for many organizations.

In some cases, complex initiatives never get off the results launch pad. Good work is done in terms of analysis of problems, but the solutions are difficult to implement and focus wanes.

In other cases, many organizations fight the good implementation fight and achieve good results, but the gains fade over time.

Our favorite cases are when traditional management consulting firms are used to assist with initiatives. Those firms analyze and advise clients on what to do. They put together well-organized three-ring binders of findings and recommendations, develop a business case, then claim that they saved the organization millions of dollars. Frankly speaking, they miss the “putting-a-decision-or-plan-into-effect” part in their work. The end result leaves the organization holding the implementation bag and nothing has changed to realize the identified benefits.

When working with IE, clients expect to achieve and sustain results. We go Beyond Consulting!.

Our team members make the difference

Because IE’s focus is on Implementation, our teams have the knowledge to tackle complex issues. Every Implementation Engineers’ team member is a leader in his or her field or industry and they all act as change management engineers. IE team members bring unique insight and experience to each project because we have seen it and done it before in many different environments. We know that every problem is unique, and each solution must be custom. To do this, we are guided by enCompass® – IE’s consistent, disciplined, and structured approach – in all the work we do. There are no hidden agendas or activities and no mumbo jumbo or double speak. It’s all transparent. You and your organization guide, learn, and participate in all we do together.

Implementation Engineers is a business optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results. We differentiate our services by being solely focused on implementation. For this reason, our services go Beyond ConsultingSM.

Interested in learning more? Visit www.implementation.com or call +1 (312) 474-6184 to get your company started on the path to sustainable results.

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