Getting an entire operation to accept change and adopt new processes after operational improvements can be a daunting task.

Our client partnered with Implementation Engineers to increase throughput at two of its flagship mine operations, and to design and implement an Employee Engagement Program. The Employee Engagement Program required a change in behavior and attitude at all levels within the organization. Its purposes being to:

  • Unite employees within one cultural frame of mind.
  • Ensure increased safety awareness and safe behaviors.
  • Ensure that continuous improvement is achieved.

A range of communication assessments revealed other gaps:

  • There was no uniform communications system to ensure that information is cascaded through the mine.
  • There was uncertainty regarding who is responsible for communications.
  • There was no assigned team for planning, executing and measuring communication.
  • There was no feedback system to test communication effectiveness. The workplace and workforce were not fully employed as a feedback tool.
  • There was no specific attempt at targeting information to stakeholders.
  • The opportunity to increase the variety of mine communication methods was therefore highlighted. This is indeed a critical element of employee engagement.

Discover what other gaps were uncovered by our Implementation Engineering process: Organizational development at flagship coal mines

Implementation Engineers’ team members have years of experience finding and improving the organizational gaps in a variety of industries. They’ve got a pretty good handle on how things work and what doesn’t work. A majority of Implementation Engineers are practitioners of data-driven solutions to get companies running in a positive direction.

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