What is Total Performance Excellence?

Total Performance Excellence means looking at every detail and taking a holistic view of the entire company with a strategy to achieve performance rapidly. This means looking at the operations piece, tactical piece, people piece–and analyzing which ones are hurting the performance and which are going well. The lost profits can be quantified to show management and plant personnel the improvement areas, reliability, unplanned downtime, missed shipments and unsatisfied customers due to various problems, ineffective production scheduling and poor changeovers.

These typically add up to 10-20% of potential plant capacity.

Problem identification is half of the equation and a strategy to resolve the problem is the other half. Each company has tools they’ve been trained on, but the training was not effective. It’s important to focus on three initiatives at the same time which are people, processes and systems and technology.

How We Help to Improve Total Performance Excellence and Quality Management?

Implementation Engineers coaches plant leadership and personnel to tackle the most profitable issues first. An incoming consulting company finds it hard to fix everything at once. They go through and assess the level of performance and maturity of each area before diving into where time, energy and focus should be spent. Typically, problem areas are solved with a better tactical plan and better execution, improved training of people or repairing processes which are not effective and efficient.

By looking at deficiencies around performance holistically, companies will see some common elements and changes that need to be made. Then they can align the quality, cost, and delivery goals they are looking to achieve success.

Increase your Total Performance Excellence Now!

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Implementation Engineers is a business-optimization firm that specializes in accelerated performance and improved financial gains while providing immediate results. We differentiate our services by being solely focused on implementation. For this reason, our services go Beyond Consulting SM.

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