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Since the dawn of the industrial revolution the provider’s challenge has always been the same: to supply goods and services to customers on a timely basis. The way in which this challenge is met, however, couldn’t be more different. Today’s customers demand flawless service, near instantaneous delivery, and supply chain technology has reached the hyper-evolution threshold. At an ever-increasing pace, digital technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence are working their way into the supply chain portfolio. In this environment, even companies that excel in other aspects of their business often find themselves struggling to meet their supply chain challenges.

Implementation Engineers has a history of helping companies meet these challenges in international supply chains, multi-site enterprises, distribution channels, or along the value stream of a single production line. Our goal is to transform the supply chain function into a competitive advantage, not merely an internal service organization. We bring strong supply chain fundamentals as well as leading edge technical expertise in areas such as planning and procurement, big data and data mining, and asset and working capital optimization.

For example, a digital supply chain does not merely apply digital tools to an existing supply chain process. It sees the supply chain almost as neural net that extends throughout the organization and beyond. It connects disparate groups such as sales, finance, procurement, engineering, materials, production, maintenance, supplier, customers, logistics partners and more. This allows the real time sharing of information, but more than that, it requires precise execution in response to that information. The strength of Implementation Engineers is just that. To help our clients develop effective supply chain solutions and implement them sustainably so their execution is assured.

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