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A Holistic Approach to Develop and Implement World-Class Asset Management Programs

The best processes are only as capable as the equipment that enable them. Asset Performance Excellence is an integrated and holistic improvement program that will improve the management of physical assets to support a company’s performance goals. Many facilities make the mistake of focusing narrowly on the maintenance function to improve equipment downtime. However, studies of root cause analysis show enterprise value creation is sub-optimized when addressing any area in isolation. Implementation Engineers develops and implements world-class asset management programs using a holistic methodology, which includes operator-driven reliability, asset sustainability, and work management optimization.

Asset Performance Excellence begins with an understanding of a company’s culture and principles consisting of five key pillars below. These pillars are the foundation of a 40-element pyramid that identifies necessary improvements to support world-class operations.

  • Management Commitment
  • Guiding Principles
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Leadership
  • Organization Structure

Asset Performance Excellence is designed to deliver bottom-line benefits for clients: increased asset availability, reduced maintenance costs, improved resource utilization, extended asset life-cycle, and reduced CAPEX.

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Additionally, when companies know acutely where issues exist and prefer to take a more narrow approach, we partner to analyze and address individual workstreams. Below are some example initiatives that we engage with our clients on:

  • Maintenance Work Management (e.g., work identification through work closeout) with a major focus on planning and scheduling
  • Reliability Engineering (e.g., asset sustainability processes)
  • Material Management & Procurement (i.e., MRO)
  • Operations Driven Reliability (e.g., operator standards, operator care, operator maintenance)
  • Engineering (e.g., Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, RAM Studies, etc.)
  • High Performance Management (e.g., measures, KPI’s, dashboards, effective meetings, execution)
Performance ExcellenceOptimized. Implemented.

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